Sous Vide Eggs

Sous Vide Eggs
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Sous Vide Eggs is the best healthy source of taking proteins in your daily routine life with saving your time too. Sous Vide is the best and one of the easy techniques for creating creamy texture that is almost impossible to achieve with any other method.

Eggs are the most important thing use in daily routine. Everyone takes egg in one form or the other in their daily routines like someone takes it in omelet and other ones in boil form. A perfectly Sous Vide Eggs are best for its simplicity. You will be amazed that how simple these Sous Vide Eggs are.

The texture of Sous Vide Eggs is heavenly. It is impossible to get such good texture of Sous Vide Eggs with other methods. Its delicious flavor is impossible to explain you must give it a try.

Sous Vide Eggs

Something About Egg

As we know that egg consists of two parts, The White and the Yolk. Actually there are three part which we should take care of the tight white part, the yolk part and the loose white part.

The Yolk: The yolk is the main part of nutiretiants which have vitamins, minerals and other chunk of fats and proteins. It is the source for developing chicken embryo.

The Tight White: This part contains 90 percent of water in it while the rest portion contains proteins, glucose and minimum amount of minerals.

The Loose White: The loose white part is not part of egg white that is not contain by egg white membrane. When you crack the egg, the white membrane moves away from the egg. Its composition is similar to that of egg white but it contains less minerals and proteins too.

Why Sous Vide Eggs

Using Sous Vide is the best and easy method to pouch eggs and it is very different from that of traditional ones. Sous Vide is the best and one of the easy techniques for creating creamy texture that is almost impossible to achieve with any other method. This method is so simple that you just have to place eggs in water at perfect time and stir the eggs. Just leave it for 13 minutes and crack the shells. The eggs are ready to serve and eat.

Sous Vide Eggs

63 degree egg vs 75 degree egg

There are two famous methods of poaching Sous Vide Eggs. In first method we cook Sous Vide Eggs at 63 degree and it takes 45 minutes to boil the egg. In second method we cook Sous Vide Eggs at 75 degree and it takes less than 14 minutes. So second method is best one because it takes only 14 minutes to cook and serve the eggs. One advantage of 75 degree temperature is that at this high temperature firm ups the white little more and gives it perfect texture.

How to Crack Sous Vide Eggs

The Crack Method: Tap the larger end of the egg on some hard thing just like corner of shelf and crack the large side or peel the opening. Hold the egg and take a small bowl and scoop the egg out with small spoon.

The Tap Method: Take a butter knife and quick tap the large end of the egg to slice off the part of shell.

The Topper Gadget Method: This is the cleanest method to crack the Sous Vide Eggs. The best way of eating Sous Vide Eggs is in its shell. Crack the large end of the egg with spoon and than peel the upper portion and eat it in the shell with help of spoon.

Sous Vide Eggs

Refrigerate Sous Vide Eggs

Eggs can be place in refrigerator for about couple of weeks before pre-heating. They can be store easily in refrigerator. It is best to prepare Eggs fresh every time because it takes only 14 minutes to cook them. So it is better to serve them freshly as it does not take more time to prepare.

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Why These Sous Vide Eggs Are Perfect

  • The white portion of egg is fully set and cook fully.
  • The yellow portion of egg is beautifully yellow, running and rich in flavor
  • It only take less than 14 minutes to cook these eggs by using this method
  • This method is easier and richer than poached or boiled eggs
  • You can serve them in plate with any glass of juice or toasts.

Sous Vide Eggs

Sous Vide Eggs are simply perfect with rich flavor. The white is fully cook along with beautifully yellow and running yolk. This method of Sous Vide Eggs take eggs to next level. This method is so easy that it takes less than 14 minutes to cook eggs.


  • Eggs
  • Sous Vide precision cooker
  • Container for water


  1. Preheat the water bath and affix the Sous Vide precision cooker with water bath. Set the temperature to 165 degree F.
  2. Place eggs in the water bath carefully. Make sure that no egg will crack down while placing them in the water bath and let them boil for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove the eggs from the water bath. Take a bowl and add some water and ice in it. Place the boil eggs in this bowl and let them there for 5 minutes.
  3. Drin the eggs and crack them and serve them by placing them on toast or in plate.
Sous Vide Eggs


  • Use only fresh eggs or the ones place in the refrigerator having clear and tighter outer skin.
  • Do a pre check for the cracks. No one wants that the egg mixtures comes out of the shell and start moving in water so that’s why use crack less eggs to avoid this kind of difficulty.
  • All the eggs have different size, shape and age. What hen eats plays very important role in what comes out after poaching the egg. So if you don’t get perfect Eggs than don’t get panic. Try this method with some new egg.
  • Do check the eggs while boiling like if it is soft than boil it for 2 or 3 minutes more.
  • Experiment and adjust the cooking time according to your taste.

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