Usman Farooq loves technology, words, and food. He studied computer science at PGC Okara, but he also learned a lot about digital marketing from AGM Agency, USA. He is a Marketing Expert who knows how to use the internet to promote businesses and products.

But Usman is not just a tech-savvy person. He also likes to write and cook. He has taken courses from the University of Michigan and Typsy to improve his writing and cooking skills. He wants to share his tasty recipes and his stories with everyone.

Usman does what he loves. He is happy when he works with technology, writes with words, and makes delicious food. He thinks that life is better when you follow your heart.

So, join him on his journey where he shows you his food, his digital work, and his writing. For Usman, every dish has a story, every digital project is a work of art, and every word is a way to inspire.